Monday, June 11, 2007

Intro to the Project

I have taken up the challenge of going two weeks with no trash. Call it weird or whatever you want, but I will strive to not contribute anything to a landfill under my watch for the next 14 days.

I give full credit to Ashley at Frog Design for making up the rules. Ashley, if you are reading this, I know you eye roll at being a part of a trend but hey, you're cool and you've started it now.

Here are the basic rules:
-No public or private trash cans of any kind
-No giving trash to anyone else to throw away for you
-Recycling, donating, compost are OK
-Finish everything on your plate or compost
-Incinerating not allowed
-Normal toilet procedures (maybe that's my addition?)
-Any garbage collected must stay with you at all times (within 5 feet according to her)

A couple notes: Although recycling is allowed, I am striving to not even collect anything for the recycling bins. I'm sure THAT paper cup is recyclable - I still just don't want it! Also, for any naysayers, there are probably many environmental holes you could poke in the challenge, but whatever, it's still a good thing.

If I get anyone besides friends and family reading this, here is a little about me. I am a 30 year old, single white male living in New York (and Atlanta now). I travel alot with my corporate job, I eat almost entirely in restaurants (which poses its own subtleties), and like most people I enjoy my big to-go cup of coffee with lid, stirring stick, java jacket, and a couple extra napkins for comfort.

Now, why am I doing this?

First, up until now, I would only consider myself a semi-environmentalist - I am environmentally conscious but I have never really contributed anything more meaningful to the cause than the occasional recycled bottle. Time to change that.

Next, although I do genuinely want to help the environment, I also see it as an adventure, a different lens to look through, hopefully a good story, and something just a bit odd.

Wish me luck!!


PS: Here is her original description:


Billy said...

good man max. i hope you can keep this behavior up (or some semblance of it) for longer than 2 weeks.

here is something that might shed some light on why someone would take such a challenge

AJC said...

awesome....wish u much success in this endeavor....and glad it is b4 u visit me as I do not want to c u toting ur trash w/in 5ft zone of

Tim said...

Big ups Maxeroni. I'm by no means a master composter but I fully encourage it. Living in the the "Heights" or any urban setting at that will pose its own challenges. Consider starting wid uh 5 gallon bucket and yes it will git stinky but like my compost it does not discriminate. Coffee grounds, egg shells, other people's coffee grounds, neighbors' egg shells - bring it. Beware those corn cobs though, as they'll take some time.

Kathy said...

does the no-trash rule also cover meatpacking chicks? so you have to keep them within five feet of you at all times?

Elke said...

That is great Max. I just saw Al Gore's movie 'inconvenient truth' and also agree that "it's time to wake up" I only take one paper towel now, in all situations. Good luck with your project.

sam i am said...

awesome maxwell! good luck...hope this doesnt mean you can't drink beer!

PMO said...

Cool Max. Let me know how it goes.

Just to add, a purist would poop the indo way. You can buy those little handheld jerry cans at most
retailers. Just cut the top off, drag through your local septic tank three hundred times to get the right feel & look and leave beside the old toilet or hole
in the floor should you deem it important to remain true to the cause. When you've done your business, just pour some of the jerry can water down the small
of your back. Let it drip. The water will get what it gets, the rest is up to your left hand. Washing said hand afterwards is optional as we are looking at a
population boom these days.

Have fun.