Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day 3-4 Health Affects

If we cut down on trash, we are also helping our weight problem!

This trash diet is actually forcing me to eath healthy. As I choose foods that don't come in packaging, I find myself gravitating to salads, freshly prepared foods, and generally higher quality places. Something that comes packaged or is given to you wrapped is much more likel to be junk food, old, full of preservatives, or just bad for you. No soda, no mid day snacks from the vending machine, no frozen pizza.

Also, by having to finish everything on my plate, I am fearful of ordering too much and therefore I order more conservatively. Go figure!

Here's the trash collected:
- 1 long baggage claim receipt. I don't think this bad boy recycles
- 1 red ribbon. I somehow took it because I needed to jerry rig a sign, which failed miserably anyway.


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