Monday, June 18, 2007

Day 5 Company Cafeteria

The no-trash diet is making me notice the excessively disposable culture that we live in. The industry centered around food is the most glaring example. In our company cafeteria, the food servers default to putting food into a Styrofoam container despite having a pile of regular plates to choose from. You have to request for the regular plate!

Furthermore, most people eating in the cafeteria seem to be using the Styrofoam container although they are eating there and not even taking it to go. Maybe they prefer it because they can just throw it all into the trash without going to the other end of the cafeteria to drop off the plates on the conveyor belt.

On a more fun note, one beer can of mine has had a grand exit to its life. At the Clermont Lounge in Atlanta last night I broke down with friends and had a beer knowing that I would be carrying it home to my recycling bin. What a better way to compact for space efficiency than to have the legendary Atlanta phenomena Blondie do it for me. Blondie is a short old black stripper with bright blond hair whose signature move fit perfectly with my need for a crushed beer can. With a big smile (and 10 bucks) she placed it between her breasts and squeezed her elbows across the front of her chest with the might of her bosom reducing my can to an efficient, environmentally friendly size. Perfect, thanks Blondie!!



Tim said...

Claremont Lounge!!!!!!!!! How could you goto the "institution" w/o us? There ain't no party like the Sat. night party (at the Claremont Lounge) cause the Claremont Lounge party don't stop!!!!

Max said...

hey i would have, but i am a little behind on my blogs and it was actually wednesday night, and i had no say in the matter! it was my neighbor charles' fault!