Sunday, June 24, 2007

Day 14 Done!!!

Finally done! I can go back to all the convenience of throwing things away. Actually, there were only a few points during the experiment that I found that I was truely inconvenienced in any major way. Cutting out all those goodies with the packaging, eating meals at the restaurant vs taking it to go, air drying my hands - all was really no big deal in the end. I had many people doubting the ability to go no-trash when I first mentioned it to them, but I feel that it shows that with minimal forthought and a concious lookout, we can reduce our reliance on disposables without too much heartache.

Nevertheless, there was some unavoidable trash. In the picture I am showing off all my trash for the past 2 weeks. Not too shabby! (and most of that is a weird wood and steel contraption that held up a new suit in box that was delivered to me). Our trash as consumers is just the tip of the iceberg - I just read actually that what we throw away is only 5% of the actual waste in producing the item we just consumed! wow. staggering.

Well, time to celebrate with a beer and hotdog...

Notice the entirely wasteful beer cup that I am using! Did I not learn anything???? Maybe the hot dog is actually reducing waste as it is stuffed with leftover animal parts.

And I am very excited to pass the torch on to my sister Elke who despite planning her wedding in 2 months, is going to take up the no-trash challenge!

Go Elke!!!

I will turn over the blog to her now...


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Debra said...

Max -

Hello - this is Debra of frog design NY and I'm now doing the frog Trash Talk Challenge, as I'm starting to call it.

Funny, I started the same day you ended.

Thanks for the support you're giving the frogs involved and I think you posted a comment to our/my blog. If that was you, thanks for the Park Slope Food Coop suggestion on recycling. I haven't been in there in a decade, so good to know.

Good for you! And I'm psyched to see your sister's starting now, too.