Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Day 1-2- Food Servers

Rough start: My first hard lesson was hardly a minute after my noon start time. I went to gather my nifty camping plate and bowl and found that there was some odd cellophane sticky packaging on the bottom that I didnt see before. Damn! There is no way this weird stuff is recyclable so it has now found a home in my bag for the next 2 weeks. This is going to take some better planning Max - be alert!!!

At my first meal in a deli, the first thing I realized was how interactive this project is going to be given my restaurant lifestyle. I am going to have to explain it every time I eat - and in such a way as to not seem insulting, arrogant, or just weird.

The next thing I quickly noticed was how ingrained people are in their habits. It has been noted to me before that I have never worked in the service industry and that I can't possibly understand, so I could be making some highly uninformed judgements here. But no matter how much they seem understand the project (and sometimes even enjoy it), and kindly deliver my food on my plate like I ask, they invariably try to stuff me with other disposables. No, I don't want it all in a plastic take out bag. Put the napkins back in the canister please. No straw thanks. After these quick interceptions, they seem to look surprised at themselves, and then the true "I get it" expression lights up on their face.

So here's the count after 2 days:
1 mess of cellophane crap
several receipts - which should be recycle able. but otherwise feelin good!!

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